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A control policy can be adapted to task demands during both motor execution and motor planning
Orban de Xivry JJ, Hardwick RM

Measuring the Mind’s Eye: Does the Hand Laterality Judgement Task really assess Motor Imagery ability?
Moreno-Verdú M, Hardwick RM


Accelerometry as a tool for measuring the effects of transcranial magnetic stimulation
Hamoline G, Van Caenegem EE, Waltzing BM, Vassiladis P, Derosiere G, Duque J, Hardwick RM
Journal of Neuroscience Methods
Manuscript | Supplementary Materials


Guidelines for Reporting Action Simulation Studies (GRASS): proposals to improve reporting of research in Motor Imagery and Action Observation
Moreno-Verdú M, …, Hardwick RM
Manuscript | Checklists | Supplementary Materials | Preprint

Commentary on Frank et al., (2023): where does learning through motor imagery lie on the perceptual-motor continuum?
Hardwick RM
Psychological Research


Inhibition, Shifting and Updating: inter and intra-domain commonalities and differences from an Executive Functions activation likelihood estimation meta-analysis
Rodríguez-Nieto G*, Seer C*, Sidlauskaite J, Vleugels L, Van Roy A, Hardwick RM#, Swinnen S# (equal contributions: * Co-first authors, # Co-senior authors)
Manuscript | Supplementary Materials

Age-related increases in reaction time result from slower preparation, not delayed initiation
Hardwick RM, Forrence AD, Costello MG, Zachowski K, Haith AM
Journal of Neurophysiology, 128: 582–592.
Manuscript | APSselect award | Preprint

Consistent Under-reporting of Task Details in Motor Imagery Research
Van Caenegem EE, Hamoline G, Waltzing BM, Hardwick RM
Accepted in Neuropsychologia
Manuscript | Preprint


Non-invasive stimulation of the motor cerebellum has potential cognitive confounds
Hardwick RM, Therrien AS, Lesage E
Brain Stimulation, 14(4), 922-923
Manuscript | Preprint


Functional neuroimaging of human postural control: a systematic review with meta-analysis
Dijkstra B, Bekkers E, Gilat M, de Rond V, Hardwick R, Nieuwboer A
Neuroscience and Biobehavioural Reviews (accepted)
Manuscript | Supplementary Materials

Skill Acquisition is Enhanced by Reducing Trial-to-Trial Repetition
Vleugels LWE, Swinnen SP, Hardwick RM
Journal of Neurophysiology, 123(4), 1460-1471
Manuscript | Supplementary Materials | Data and Code | Preprint


Time-Dependent Competition Between Goal-Directed and Habitual Response Preparation
Hardwick RM, Forrence AD, Krakauer JW, Haith AH
Nature Human Behaviour
Manuscript | Supplementary Materials | Data and Analysis Code | F1000Prime Recommendation | Commentary | Preprint

Reciprocal Intralimb Transfer of Skilled Isometric Force Production
Rajan VA, Hardwick RM*, Celnik PA* (* Co principle investigators)
Journal of Neurophysiology, 112, 60-65
Manuscript | Preprint


Neural Correlates of Action: Comparing Meta-Analyses of Imagery, Observation, and Execution.
Hardwick RM, Caspers S, Eickhoff SB, Swinnen SP.
Neuroscience and Biobehavioural Reviews, 94, 31-44
Manuscript | Supplementary Materials | Data | Preprint


The carrot and the stick seem to enhance motor learning in patients with stroke.
Hardwick RM, Celnik PA.
Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry.

Highlights from the 2017 Meeting of the Society for Neural Control of Movement (Dublin, Ireland).
Gallego JA, Hardwick RM, Oby ER.
European Journal of Neuroscience, 46, 2141-8.


Motor Leaning in Stroke: Trained Patients are Not Equal to Untrained Patients with Less Impairment.
Hardwick RM, Rajan VA, Bastian AJ, Krakauer JW, Celnik PA.
Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair, 31, 178-89.
Manuscript | Supplementary Materials

Resting State Morphology Predicts the Effects of Theta Burst Stimulation in False Belief Reasoning.
Hartwright CE, Hardwick RM, Apperly IA, Hansen PC.
Human Brain Mapping, 37, 3502-14.


Multimodal Connectivity of the Motor Learning-Related Dorsal Premotor Cortex.
Hardwick RM, Lesage ERD, Eickhoff CR, Clos M, Fox P, Eickhoff SB.
NeuroImage, 123, 114-28.
Manuscript | Supplementary Materials


Cerebellar Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: the Role of Coil Geometry and Tissue Depth.
Hardwick RM*, Lesage ERD*, Miall RC (* joint first authors)
Brain Stimulation, 7, 643-9.
Manuscript | Supplementary Materials

Cerebellar Direct Current Stimulation Enhances Motor Learning in Older Adults
Hardwick RM, Celnik PA
Neurobiology of Aging, 35, 2217-21.
Manuscript | Supplementary Materials

Non-invasive Brain Stimulation in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Hardwick RM, Celnik PA
Current Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Reviews, 2, 300-9.

Effects of High Intensity Exercise on Neural Responses to Images of Food
Crabtree DC, Chambers ES, Hardwick RM, Blannin AK
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 99, 258-67.


A Quantative Meta Analysis and Review of Motor Learning in the Human Brain
Hardwick RM, Rottschy C, Miall RC, Eickhoff SB.
NeuroImage, 67, 283-97.
Manuscript | Supplementary Materials | Data | F1000Prime Recommendation


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Reveals Corticospinal Inhibition While Observing with the Intention to Imitate.
Hardwick RM, McAllister CJ, Holmes P, Edwards MG
European Journal of Neuroscience
Manuscript | Republished in a special issue of ‘state of the art’ neuroimaging studies

Motor Interference and Facilitation Arising from Observed Movement Kinematics
Hardwick RM, Edwards MG
Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 65, 840-7.

Subtle Cognitive Deficits in Severe Alcohol Addicts – do they show a specific profile?
Wollenweber FA, Halfter S, Brugman E, Weinberg C, Cieslik EC, Muller VI, Hardwick RM, Eickhoff SB
Journal of Neuropsychology


Observed Reach Trajectory Influences Executed Reach Kinematics in Prehension
Hardwick RM, Edwards MG
Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 64, 1082-93

Investigating the Central Mechanisms Underlying the Effects of Action Observation and Imagery Through Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
Loporto M, McAllister C, Williams J, Hardwick R, Holmes P
Journal of Motor Behavior, 43, 361-73