The Brain, Action, and Skill (BAS) Laboratory examines how humans control movements and learn motor skills. Our research uses a multidisciplinary combination of non-invasive brain stimulation, neuroimaging, computational modeling, and behavioural experiments.

Topics of particular interest to the lab include:
  • How we learn and automate movements through extensive practice
  • Understanding how imagining actions, and observing the actions of others, affects our movement system
  • Addressing the adverse effects of ageing and stroke on movement control

Based in UC Louvain, Belgium, the main office and laboratories of the group are found in the Cognition and Systems division of the Institute of Neuroscience in Brussels, with additional laboratories and testing space found at the Faculty of Motor Sciences in Louvain-la-Neuve.

Our past and present research has been made possible by generous funding from several national and international funding agencies: